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I hope one day
somebody loves you
so much

that they see violets
in the bags under your eyes,
sunsets in the downward arch
of your lips,

that they recognize you
as something green,
something fresh and still growing,
even if sometimes
you are growing sideways,

that they do not waste their time
trying to fix you.

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Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny, but somehow her personality got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth, and she found herself saying the wrong thing or, more often, nothing at all.

— Julia Quinn (via victorielle)

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Artist: Parachute
Track Name: "The Only One"
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Artist: Parachute
Track Name: "Overnight"
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Track Name: "The Other Side"
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Nina Dobrev at Cosmopolitan’s Summer Bash at Palihouse.

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Artist: Parachute
Track Name: "Didn't See It Coming"
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Track Name: "Higher"
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